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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Noggin Bloggin.

So. Here we are. 4 days post awake craniotomy and it feels like I am me. A little less of me to be honest. The bit in my head wrapping itself round my brain less of me yes. The bad bit. There are still two more bits in there. And the threat of recurrence. Oh. But for now this is where we are. A bit less of the bad stuff that's been growing inside me without me knowing. My tumour! Funny how I didn't actually think I'd be able to say that. Shall we name them? The bit that's gone and the bits that are left? Rod, Jane and Freddy. Rod's all but gone, jane's in the middle next to my hand function, and Fredddy is in too deep. Like Genesis. Oh the drug addled brain is making these bad jokes happen.

The story of Rod, Jane and Freddy.

Today it's about trying to function when the steroids make me feel rough and agitated and sleepy at the same time. Negotiating visits from Paul and lovely Mouse. Trying not to cry when I see Mouse. Trying not to get frustrated when NOTHINGS HAPPENING WITH MY FOOT OR THE REFERAL.

Trying to cope with another day in the John Radcliffe.

 Let's not mention the most pressing need of the day, constipation. I have to get out of here today.

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