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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


My hair is falling out at a rapid pace. 

Last week I was tugging gently and it just came out, and it was long then. I spoke to the radiographer and she said well your face is puffed up from the steroids, it won't make much difference to just go and get it clippered if it doesn't cause your scalp too much bother. Is my scalp going to give me much bother in the next few weeks I said? Yes she said. Oh. 

So on Saturday I called Shabby Chic and said I KNOW it's the last Saturday before Xmas but can you fit me in? And they were so kind and said yes. So off I trotted expecting to have it shaved or clippered and thinking I was going to be ok with this. I sat in the waiting area which is so familiar and so many hours have been spent deliberating what to do with my hair and looking at Pinterest and then a pic popped up of Liz a Taylor with her head shaved on the front cover of Time magazine after she'd had brain surgery. And it moved me very much and I got a bit tearful. Then Jenny the hairdresser came over and she got a bit tearful. And her daughter Georgina took charge and got us some tissues and we started and it was ok. I didn't have it shaved I had a half pixie cut. One half of my head is almost bald now, but I left with the joy of having a new style! 
They didn't charge me. How very kind is that? 

Yes that is the food bin. 

It's organic isn't it? 

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  1. I lost my hair after nearly dying from toxic shock three years ago. I used to sit there and feel it unpricking itself from my scalp. I didn't know I was actually vain til then. Your hair will grow back cher, but be poker straight tresses grew back curly!!! As a child I'd longed for curly hair - be careful what you wish for!!