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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day. A lovely day. T woke up at 8.40! And was generally lovely. She got her Hot Wheels from Father Christmas like she asked!  There was an awful lot of Frozen stuff too..... Got T and P a joint present of a domino rally. The idea was good, the reality was she kept knocking them down with her dress, or with her foot, think P was getting exasperated but he was great all day. We went for a walk to the park before my parents got here this pm. That was a good thing. Went to a different park yesterday and it made my spoons/energy increase. Exercise is the key. 

Managed a full day with no rests and now it's 11.15pm and I have terrible heartburn even though wasn't overeating or doing anything I wouldn't normally do. If this is a treatment side effect then so be it. My treatment buddy Rosie, who is at the same stage as me, lives in South Northampton and is 31, (!) her sister is a doctor and says it's ok to take Gaviscon. So poor old P went out to get some from the garage. It hasn't gone though. 

This morning I called Mum on the phone, and though I see her most days, that's the first phone conversation we've had in months. Think it may have made her day. I was struggling to know what to say, so just talked. I know that doesn't make sense, but it was hard. I seem to have forgotten the art of conversation. I blurt things out when before I wouldn't have done. 

Anyway, no radiotherapy today. A day off. 

More hair coming out. Crikey there's a great big hair monster lurking in the food bin. 

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