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Friday, 14 November 2014

No cake.

I love cake, me. 

I love nothing more than a great big bag of pick and mix, a biscuit here, a slice of cake there. Some bread fresh out of the oven. A toastd teacake! Afternoon tea....oh how I was planning a tour of afternoon teas around London for my bucket list!

So now I have to give it up. 

The benefits of a ketogenic diet when you have brain cancer are huge. 

Glucose fuels cancer cells so lowering the glucose levels in your brain can only starve them. 

Can I do this? In the words of Bob the Builder, yes you can.

A ketogenic diet along with supplements are the best chance I have of taking control of my cancer and helping me when I have chemo and radiotherapy. 

There are some who say well if you're going to die, you might as well die doing something you enjoy. I don't necessarily subscribe to that idea. I want to live. 

Going to talk to a lady tonight who's a year on from me,and who on the day after diagnosis changed her diet and takes supplements. I spent £100 on supplements today. 

It is no surprise that I am cloudy of head today. I have my period. I am craving sugar and I have eaten carbs all day. The connection is there. I am looking at you walnut whip. 

When to start? When the house is clear of sugar? Or L brings me the cake she's promised? Maybe. Or maybe there's no time like the present. I have cancer already. It might be growing inside as we speak. 

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