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Friday, 7 November 2014

Oh yes, it's a GBM4.

Oh did I forget to mention?

I have a diagnosis. It's a Glioblastoma, GBM4. Was likely to be a low grade that became a high grade. The doc says that's the best way round to have it.... Some comfort hey?

It will grow back. There's 95% removed but we'll be treating the rest and the likely cancerous cells floating around with some chemo and Radiotherapy. 

For those who know what GBM4 means, it's ok. I mean I am ok with that. Ok I am not. I can't quite believe it to be honest. 

How do I tell people? To tell or not to tell. To take away their hope seems cruel. But I also don't want to break their hearts. 


  1. Sending great big useless internetty hugs from a twitter stranger (((((( hugs ))))))) xx

    1. Ah do you know what, what does terminal mean? I have been thinking about it a lot and you just live with it. It's enormous when it's first out there but my oncologist says he has a patient who is 17 years on past diagnosis. And that's what we have to hope for.